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Nagarsevaks in Virar

Nagarsevaks in Virar

Vasai – Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika

Councilors/ Corporators (Nagarsevaks)

Narayan Mankar:
Tel: 9096977557

Jadhav Sandesh Lakhuji:
Tel: 9221521454

Smt. BhartiGirane:
Tel: 8600341591

Shri Narendra Patil:
Tel: 9323999317

Shri Vasant Mangela:
Tel: 9423364409

Shri Nitin Mulye:
Tel: 9236173410

Shri Rajendra Patil:
Tel: 9890239876

Shri Raymond Menegis:
Tel: 9850276049

Advovcate Jyoti Thakur:
Tel: 9881219890

Smt. Seema Kale:
Tel: 9270488882

Shri Sathiraj Nahata:
Tel: 9823023475

Shri Jeetendra Shah:
Tel: 9823060346

Shri Harischandra Patil:
Tel: 9850768610, 9890812389

Smt Swati Marathe:
Tel: 9890028860

Smt. Suman Bhoir:
Tel: 9323763772

Shri Praful Sane:
Tel: 9324599806

Smt. Varsha Bhoir:
Tel: 9923434644

Shri Pankaj Thakur:
Tel: 9823060344

Shri Sudesh Chaudhary:
Tel: 9890879786

Shri Vilas Chorghe:
Tel: 9881498578

Shri Ajeev Patil:
Tel: 9823146373

Shri Bharti Deshmukh:
Tel: 9321362963

Smt. Prdnya Desai:
Tel: 9226980277

Smt. Flavina Pegado:
Tel: 9221775628

Shri Prashant Raut:
Tel: 9823259449

Smt. Purva Patil:
Tel: 9923135425

Shri Suresh Baswant:
Tel: 9765347506

Shri Praful Patil:
Tel: 9822407807

Smt. Kanchan Patil:

Tel: 9763094418

Smt. Reshma Chavan:
Tel: 9209195149

Shri Bharat Makwana:
Tel: 9860372041

Smt. Priya Patil:
Tel: 9220427207

Shri Naresh Jadhav:
Tel: 9766073666

Smt. Shraddha Rane:
Tel: 9271741240

Smt. Manda Patil:
Tel: 9552980990

Shri Sagir Dange:
Tel: 9890551911

Shri Vijay Rane:
Tel: 9823188442

Shri Anil Bhogle:
Tel: 9890757452

Shri Munir Khan:
Tel: 9890678541

Smt. Chaya Patil:
Tel: 9766006600

Smt. Suman Kakde:
Tel: 9890739125

Shri Bansnarayan Mishra:
Tel: 9325743216

Shri Umesh Naik:
Tel: 9822052832

Shri Rajan Nail:
Tel: 9225147335

Shri Rajeev Patil:
Tel: 9822078777

Shri Aatmaram Patil:

Tel: 9850754874

Shri Sanjay Ramade:
Tel: 9226384097

Shri Rupesh Jadhav:
Tel: 9221232456

Chandrakant Goruwale:
Tel: 9323286099

Smt. Josophen Furgose:
Tel: 9850228784

Shri Rajkumar Chorghe:

Tel: 9764407894

Smt. Mathura Bhoir:
Tel: 9445126643

Shri Hemant Pardawa:
Tel: 9820777009

Shri Vrundesh Patil:
Tel: 9881390500

Shri Kiran Bhoir:
Tel: 9890003398

Smt. Vimal Patil:
Tel: 9226817520

Smt. Pratibha Patil:
Tel: 9260172454

Shri Sitaram Gupta:
Tel: 9970805358

Shri Vasant Vaity:
Tel: 9890219268

Shri Kishor Dhumal:
Tel: 9822557477

Shri Mohd. Khatik:
Tel: 9890141862

Shri Ramesh Gorakhna:
Tel: 9822171052

Shri Pravin Bhoir:
Tel: 9270255631

Shri Vinayak Nikam:
Tel: 9096020662

Shri Bharat Gupta:
Tel: 9822485686

Shri Dinesh Bhanushali:
Tel: 9881386600

Shri Rajendra Kambli:
Tel: 9822684906

Shri Narayan Mankar:
Tel: 9881383800

Shri Sandesh Jadhav:
Tel: 9881387700

Smt. Kiran Chendwankar:
Tel: 9372372714

Smt. Jyoti Patil:
Tel: 9637503105

Shri Nitin Raut:
Tel: 9822684920

Shri Sandeep Patil:
Tel: 9967516450

Smt. Shobhana Shah:
Tel: 9890182683

Smt. Shubhangi Alfanso:
Tel: 9271465992

Smt. Archana Patil:
Tel: 9225490254

Smt. Neelam Mhatre:
Tel: 9552875022

Shri Madan Gowari:
Tel: 9270286668

Shri Pravin Vartak:
Tel: 9422480777

Smt. Sushma Thakur:
Tel: 9823454042

Shri Rajendra Patil:
Tel: 9881276582

Shri Pravin Kambli:
Tel: 9823202499

Shri Rajan Bhoir:
Tel: 8806828983

Smt. Rabiya Sheikh:
Tel: 9323924025

Dr. Hemant Patil:
Tel: 9890224198

Smt. Beena Futado:
Tel: 9158776767

Shri Ketan Patkar:
Tel: 9226189081

Shri Sanjay Koli:
Tel: 9823644380

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Comments / Discussion Board - Nagarsevaks in Virar

  • S
    Shehrozkhan from Nallasopara (e) 309 Days ago

    Respected sir l am live in nallasopara e and and here is asmall problem a garbage only and water supply sir plse come l am hammly to you sir please come in nallasopara e you are see your eye

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  • N
    Nilesh Telange from Nallasopara 564 Days ago

    वसई विरार महानगर पालिकाला 10 वर्षे झाले.पण विकास व्हावा तसा नाही झाला? कारण कित्येक आयुक्त आले आणि गेले पण कोनी विकास आणि सुधारणा या गोष्टीवर लक्ष दिले नाही.आणि नगरसेवकांनी सुध्दा आपल्या विभागात लक्ष दिले नाही.म्हणून लोक पाणी, रस्ता, वीज या मूलभूत गरजेला खूप त्रस्त आहेत.कोनी तरी खरा वाली या पालिकेला भेटला पाहिजे ?

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  • s
    swati from virar west bolinj 637 Days ago

    Dear sir,due to some reason in our area there is lots mosquitoes in our complex which is important to take any action ..

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  • K
    Kabagul from Nalasopara east 807 Days ago

    Dear sirI respect your work you are doing very well, but one request to our handicap family want to make ramp in nalasopara railway stion because its very difficult to travel local reason is there is no ramp for handicap... I humbly request please make a ramp or lift nalasopara railway station for handicap person.. God bless you sir stay happy

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  • K
    Kabagul from Nalspara 852 Days ago

    dear sir i m international sports man.. I reques to you please make a ramp in nalasopara railway stion east for handicap and Weelcahir user person

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  • K
    Kabagul from Nalasopara 852 Days ago

    dear i humbly request to you Please make a ramp nalasopara railway stations east... Its very difficult to crose the platform on weelchair user person Asap 😘

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  • A
    Ashish kadam from Global city virar west 924 Days ago


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  • S
    Saurin Dave from Vasai west 1349 Days ago

    I am resident of the Bhavika chs,Dindayal Nagar ,near Kunda Joshi hospital ; people are facing the problem of orphan dogs and their stray on the main road. They are in numbers. Their groups are dangerous as they started attacking the passerby. They run towards motor bike which lead to many accident in the area. The news of the new born baby attack by the dog is not fade yet. People lost their sleep as dogs bark whole night. This problem is headache as person who has night shifts facing worst situation.I am requesting you to look on that matter as soon as possible. The cases are increasing rapidly. I hope you will take absolute measures to handle the issue.Thanks ®ardsSaurin Dave

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  • S
    Shaikhwahab from Nalasopara 1365 Days ago

    Respected sir Sir IAM shaikhwahab from NalasoparaIam electricianSir plz help meSir Mei Nalasopara west human Nagar Mei Ghar book Kiya tha 2012 Mei by check payment total 6 lack 30 ajjtak mujhe Ghar nahi mila builder Gali galuz deta Hai Aur dhamki deta Hai Marne ki Mei Abhi rent ke Ghar Mei raheta ho Aur apse tarkhuwaz kar tha ho Aur Request Contact no9867054396

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  • d
    dilip n shinde from virar 2085 Days ago

    we residence of Vishnu kripa soc ,padma colony ,virar gaothan virar(west) facing lot of water problem since last 10 days in our area two blds one is ours other just opp of our bld Hansraj appt not getting ample quanity of water pl do the needful

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    v Expertfrom 1701 Days ago

    Hi! Report the matter to Municipal Corporation.

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